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Making a Case for Tournament Poker

As primarily a cash game player in the great state of Michigan, I’ve heard all the arguments for why the real money is in cash games instead of tournaments.  Variance is too high in tournaments. Your hourly rate can be … Continue reading

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Show Notes for February 9, 2012 Episode

Post your comments and questions about the February 9 Michigan Poker Monster episode in this thread.  Do you have any questions about transitioning to PLO8?  What did you think about Turdzilla and his tournament run at The River?  Did you … Continue reading

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Impressions on The River in Shelby

I got to play in a tournament at The River in Shelby on Van Dyke and 23 Mile Road (just south). I had played in that room before, but only cash games, and I was interested in playing a tournament … Continue reading

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Competition is Good For Michigan Poker

They say competition is good for consumers. Well, sounds about right if you consider how many $250 tournaments have sprung up in the Detroit area charity rooms since Cada’s spread its first $250 buy-in tournament in December.  That first tournament they … Continue reading

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Three-Betting in Low Stakes Games

Three-betting, or re-raising, pre-flop in low stake no limit hold’em games in Michigan is fairly unusual for a couple of reasons. One, most people in cards rooms are playing for fun, and recreational players usually play the cards they have … Continue reading

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A Roller Coaster Ride

Thursday night I played a session at Cada’s Poker Room. Got there late so could only play a couple of hours until the room closed at 2 AM. As I sat down at the table I could sense the excitement … Continue reading

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Michigan Poker is Alive and Well

Some of you may be expecting a trip report from my recent PLO8 session at Cada’s poker room with WSOP champ, Joe Cada.  Well, we are going to have a special appearance from one of the other players in that … Continue reading

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