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Jason “icufish” Smith Episode

What did you think of our interview with Jason Smith?  Do you have any questions that you would like to ask this Michigan online pro? How about your thoughts on the upcoming Mid-States Poker Tour in Battle Creek? Are you … Continue reading

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Eight Game Remix

Played in the second Michigan 8-game last night at Sunnybrook Poker Room. We had a few different players this time, and unfortunately, not enough joiners as the afternoon progressed to keep the game running.  The game still consisted of 2-7 … Continue reading

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Monday Session at Snookers

I played a session at Snookers last Monday and here is a recap of the action. I arrived at about 4:50 pm and see Pay4MySchool at table 18. I don’t see the floor at first, but then I see him … Continue reading

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Sunnybrook 8-Game Episode

Post your comments on the Sunnybrook 8-Game Episode here.  What did you think about Caveman’s play with 7-6 offsuit in the No Limit Hold’Em round?  Have you ever played Razz? What do you think about Sevup playing King high on … Continue reading

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Sunnybrook 8-Game Fun

Last night I played in what I believe is the first (unconfirmed) spread of an 8-game in a Michigan poker room.  We attempted running this a couple of years back at Greektown, but Gaming rules prevented us from spreading the … Continue reading

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Just How Aggressive Are You?

So before Black Friday I played online on and off, testing my skills, trying to see what all the fuss was about the young internet players.  I would win some, and then I would move up stakes and get crushed.  … Continue reading

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