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Making a Case for Tournament Poker

As primarily a cash game player in the great state of Michigan, I’ve heard all the arguments for why the real money is in cash games instead of tournaments.  Variance is too high in tournaments. Your hourly rate can be … Continue reading

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Three-Betting in Low Stakes Games

Three-betting, or re-raising, pre-flop in low stake no limit hold’em games in Michigan is fairly unusual for a couple of reasons. One, most people in cards rooms are playing for fun, and recreational players usually play the cards they have … Continue reading

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The Return

I decided to take a one week break from the blog and the podcast because of the passing of my uncle, Mike. He wasn’t a poker player, and I don’t even know if he watched poker on TV, so I’m … Continue reading

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The State of Michigan Poker

As I think about the many hours that I have spent in Michigan poker rooms in the last twelve months, I am trying to think about that question that is often asked of professional or recreational poker players who play … Continue reading

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