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Sunnybrook 8-Game Fun

Last night I played in what I believe is the first (unconfirmed) spread of an 8-game in a Michigan poker room.  We attempted running this a couple of years back at Greektown, but Gaming rules prevented us from spreading the … Continue reading

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Common NLHE Mistakes by Michigan Players

I have been thinking recently about the most common mistakes that I see poker players make at No Limit Texas Hold’Em here in Michigan. It is not a subject that has been ignored before, but it is a topic that … Continue reading

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The Case for More Michigan Poker Rooms

I recently went on the state’s web site that listed all the charity poker rooms in the southeast Michigan area.  There are a lot of rooms where you can play poker! Unfortunately, some of them are very close together in … Continue reading

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The State of Michigan Poker

As I think about the many hours that I have spent in Michigan poker rooms in the last twelve months, I am trying to think about that question that is often asked of professional or recreational poker players who play … Continue reading

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