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Birthday Tournament at Mavericks

I played in the $5 monthly birthday tournament at Mavericks in Port Huron last night. The tourney is a minimum $5 buy-in, but you can buy in for up to $35. The tournament celebrates anyone who has a birthday on … Continue reading

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Getting Full Value

A quick recap of my last two months since I have not been blogging at all: June was horrific for my already small bankroll.  I played approximately 40 hours of NLHE and lost approximately $800, bypassing January as my worst … Continue reading

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Assigning Starting Ranges to Random Players

Most of us have learned that in order to play better poker, we need to place opponents on a range of hands.  I started to do that on the flop in NLHE, and then I realized that I was missing … Continue reading

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Bet More and Profit

Well, after trying out the advice from last week’s strategy panel, I was able to come out ahead $450 playing $1/$2 NLHE this weekend.  The sessions were not that different from other sessions.  I ran well at times, and I … Continue reading

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TIP: Tight Passive Player

We have all heard of TAGs and LAG (tight aggressive players and loose aggressive players), but most of us will probably agree that play is definitely more slanted to passive play at most of the Michigan card rooms.  That’s good … Continue reading

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Winning Tilt

Had an enjoyable session at Mavericks last night even though I came out a loser. Friends were there, table was friendly, people were gambling, all good ingredients for a fun game. I could not really get much going early, and … Continue reading

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