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Long Summer Session

I played at Greektown Casino on a warm summer night last week. It was my longest session in a long time, but not because I wanted to spend 8 hours in a poker room, but because I was stuck most of … Continue reading

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Greektown Heater

Hello. It’s been a while since I have posted on this blog, mostly because there has been no podcast. It was strange not being part of the Michigan poker community after having the Michigan Poker Monster podcast for three years. … Continue reading

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On the button, limps to me. A2o?

I had a difficult session at Greektown Casino this week that ended with a disastrous hand all-in preflop with aces.  I lost the main pot to QTdd and the side pot to KK, but that’s not what this post is … Continue reading

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Michigan Intrastate Legislation

If you were to rank the 50 states and the District of Columbia in order of which states have the largest poker action, where would you rank Michigan?  Would you rank them above Hawaii or Iowa? How about above the … Continue reading

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Going to Value Town

There are few things as exciting in poker as having your hand get better as you bet on every street and going runner runner flush. So it was with great pleasure that I shoved my less than pot-size stack on … Continue reading

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