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Frank Panama is the host of the Michigan Poker Monster podcast, a podcast about Michigan poker. He lives in Saint Clair County, Michigan, and loves to play and talk about poker.

Patience Pays Off in Poker

All of the meaningful action happened in the last 30 minutes of my session. Even though I was already planning on leaving since it was quite late, I stayed around a couple of orbits after all of these hands happened … Continue reading

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Long Summer Session

I played at Greektown Casino on a warm summer night last week. It was my longest session in a long time, but not because I wanted to spend 8 hours in a poker room, but because I was stuck most of … Continue reading

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Wintergarden East Wild West

Remember the old Westerns where card players leaned back on their wooden chairs so they could extract aces from their boots, and they didn’t play table stakes so eventually somebody’s horse or farm would be in the pot? Well that’s … Continue reading

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Greektown Heater

Hello. It’s been a while since I have posted on this blog, mostly because there has been no podcast. It was strange not being part of the Michigan poker community after having the Michigan Poker Monster podcast for three years. … Continue reading

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HPT Soaring Eagle Show Notes

Post your comments about the latest episode at the Heartland Poker Tour at Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant. With the announcement of the Tour returning in November, will you be going to play in it or the cash games? … Continue reading

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Charity Poker and Hand of the Week

Post your comments about Caveman’s interview on charity poker here! Also, if you have thoughts about the casinos he visited in Pennsylvania and Florida, feel free to share. What did you think of the points by Steeser on the Hand … Continue reading

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Biloxi Trip Show Notes

Sorry these are so late, but I know I heard from a few of you that wanted to comment on the hands from Biloxi and from Gambit’s session.  Post your comments on those hands here. Also, have you ever been … Continue reading

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Flytrap PLO Strategy Episode Show Notes

What did you think of the PLO strategy from flytrap? if you have any PLO hands that you would like discussed or if you have questions about any of the concepts from the show post then here. What did you … Continue reading

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icufish and 1game Strategy Episode Show Notes

Please post your comments and questions about the latest episode here. What did you think about the advice to Gambit from Jason ‘icufish’ and Derek ‘1game’?  Did you enjoy the stories from John ‘Rumrunner’? We want to know. Feel free … Continue reading

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First $2/$5 Session of the Year

First a warning: this is a long post but with several interesting hands. As some of you know, I have been primarily playing the $1/$2 NLHE games in Michigan, but I do enjoy playing all the major poker variants: HORSE, … Continue reading

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