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I played a session at Santino’s in Washington Township last night after recording the next episode of the Michigan Poker Monster.  Here are a couple of hands I remember from the night, which turned out to be my first loss for the year (glad that’s out of the way).

It was a fairly nitty table to start, and then started loosening up as players joined the table.  Two young players who have been on our show before, Garrett and Justin, were at the table, and also another solid player that won the three-man team tournament that I placed fourth in at Trip Kings many months ago.

I lost quite a few hands to start the session, just c-betting and getting out-flopped, out drawn.  Was down $100 in the first hour and topped up.  One hand in that first hour, I raise from the button with JTcc, get SB and MP to call me (loose callers). Flop is 642 one club. I c-bet and get two calls. Turn is 8c. I double barrel big with the flush draw and two overs and get two callers! I was really hoping for a club now, but instead it is a red 4 and SB bets gets a call, and I fold. Trip fours beat a pair of 6s with a straight draw. SB asks me if I was on a total bluff. I just smile.

Next interesting hand I have AQdd in the big blind, and I’m the only one to call a raise from MP loose cannon. He doesn’t seem to read boards very well, but he knows how to bluff.  Flop is 678 all hearts. I check, villain bets about ¾ pot, and I check raise. He lingers a few seconds with the cards in his hand, but he’s folding the whole day.  I may have been bluffing with the best hand, but I’m pretty sure I won a lot of equity with that raise and maybe got him to fold a lot of medium strength pocket pairs.

Finally, this is a hand that I probably tried to play too fancy. There is a$5 straddle from the button, it folds to me in the CO, and I make it $15 with AJo. Button probably thinks I have a losing image and this contributes in his decision to call with just about anything, most probably unconnected, unsuited cards.  Flop is J-4-2.  This villain likes to be aggressive and bluff, so I check with the intention to call two streets and lead the river big to represent a bad bluff. I know he thinks I bluff too much already.

But he checks behind.  Turn is a 8, bringing a spade draw. I bet about the size of the pot, he calls without almost thinking about it. I’m sure he has close to nothing and he just thinks I am total bluffing.  River is a 2, no spade.  Now here is where I get fancy again, and I check.  I guess he can have some eights in his range here, and I’m missing value by not betting out after taking the lead on the turn.  But I feel like I have such a good read on this villain, I’m pretty sure he has nothing, and the only way I’m making any more money in this hand is to let him bluff.

He bets half pot. About same bet as my turn bet.  I instacall, and he foolishly flips over T-6o.  Did I miss value in this hand?  I guess it really depends on how accurate my reads were on villain.  Any comments on the other hands?

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Frank Panama is the host of the Michigan Poker Monster podcast, a podcast about Michigan poker. He lives in Saint Clair County, Michigan, and loves to play and talk about poker.
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