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Many things have happened in Michigan poker to close out the 2012 and open 2013.  Last year we saw the closings of two of the bigger rooms on the east side of the Detroit suburbs: Cadas first, then Snookers. Both are still fighting for their survival. Both are still hoping to re-open in 2013.  For now, other rooms are picking up the pieces.  Big Beaver Tavern in Troy, Sunnybrook in Sterling Heights, and Four Aces in Roseville, have all reported increase in cash games in their rooms.

 It has been difficult to determine if Motor City Casino is any busier because they’ve had their big bad beat jackpot growing for so many weeks now.  Waiting lists for $1/$2 games are still deep early in the afternoon.  The bad beat was finally hit January 1, with nine players sharing the $368K jackpot, but the action doesn’t seem to have slowed down.

 You would think that the other downtown poker rooms (Greektown and MGM) would be busier as well, but I have heard no such reports even while Motor City was turning players away with waiting lists 100 deep on weekends during the bad beat chase.  It’s nice to have a strong selection of poker rooms downtown, so I really hope that more action starts spreading to those rooms.  I’ve seen trip reports of 2+2 players playing at Greektown, but nothing recent for MGM. 

Poised to take advantage of the vacuum left by Snookers, the Arcadia Poker Room (name still to be approved by the state) is having its soft opening this week in Troy, at the Hamlin Pub located at 3946 Rochester Road.  The room will have 10 tables and spread $1/$2 NLHE to start with. Owner Dave Ashcraft is planning on spreading tournaments and higher stake games, even a round by round game, after their official opening on February 4. Games will be running until then from 12 PM to 2 AM.  Look for our podcast featuring this room at the end of January to learn more. 

From a personal stand point, I was able to start the year with a winning session in a small stakes mixed game I played last weekend. I plan on grinding around 20 hours a month at $1/$2 the first two months of the year and then take a shot at $2/$5 all of March to build the bankroll to hopefully stay at those stakes for good.  What are your goals for 2013?  Where do you plan to play in the new year?

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Frank Panama is the host of the Michigan Poker Monster podcast, a podcast about Michigan poker. He lives in Saint Clair County, Michigan, and loves to play and talk about poker.
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