Eight Game Remix

Played in the second Michigan 8-game last night at Sunnybrook Poker Room. We had a few different players this time, and unfortunately, not enough joiners as the afternoon progressed to keep the game running.  The game still consisted of 2-7 Triple Draw, HORSE, NLHE and PLO.

The action started sort of slow. We had to explain some of the games to the new players, and of course, understandably they had to take a little longer to make their decisions.  Didn’t seem like anyone minded.  We were all just happy to be playing the mix game.

Caveman started up the props with the 7-2 game in the Hold’em rounds, trips and quads in the Omaha games, and all cards ten and higher in 2-7.  It definitely added some fun to the games, and everyone was in a gambling mood.  I won a couple of hands early on at 2-7, staying pat with ten high after only one draw.  Caveman was drawing two in the first draw, and I just thought if he didn’t make a pat hand right away I had a good chance to win heads up.  I just couldn’t get him to call me light on the last street with jack high. He definitely has some kind of read on me that guy.

Nothing really unusual happened in the Hold’em round.  Playing short handed limit hold’em you can get away with raising pre-flop with questionable hands especially when people are not used to playing limit.  There’s just too much folding by players who are used to the odds in no limit games, so you can exploit this by raising early and betting on marginal hands that have a chance to improve.

I lost a few hands at Omaha-8 and then I hit nut low with a runner runner flush for a nice multi-way pot.  Razz was fun as usual, but no real hands to talk about.  In stud hi low I hit two pair with kings and jacks in a three way pot and couldn’t believe that the jacks and kings were still live.  There was one less king on sixth street, but I hit my jack on seventh and split the big pot with a low hand.  One piece of advice on Stud hi-low.  If you’re in a multi-way pot and you’re the only person with a low hand, it’s okay to raise and get that extra bet in there.

Not sure how often we are going run this game if interest starts to wane, but it sure is a fun game.  Have you ever played the 8-game online?  Do you enjoy live mix games?  Would sure like to hear your opinion about them if you do.

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Frank Panama is the host of the Michigan Poker Monster podcast, a podcast about Michigan poker. He lives in Saint Clair County, Michigan, and loves to play and talk about poker.
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