Monday Session at Snookers

I played a session at Snookers last Monday and here is a recap of the action.

I arrived at about 4:50 pm and see Pay4MySchool at table 18. I don’t see the floor at first, but then I see him settling some dispute at P4MS’ table.  The floor returns to his station and greets me. He tells one of the dealers waiting for the tournament to enter my name on the 1/2 list.

“Frank,” I tell him.   “Last initial?” he asks. “P.” I respond.

I go say hello to P4MS, and he shakes my hand. He tells me he just got there, but he thinks it’s a good table. “Seat 7 and seat 9 are driving the action.” I wish him good luck and go wait for my name to be called by the front desk.

The room is busy as usual, but there’s no tournament running at the time so some of the tables are empty and there are some dealers just milling around.  Before long, the floor calls for everyone on the waiting list to get chips and sit at table 17. I get the max $200 and sit where I can see P4MS. Unfortunately, I can’t see his stack from my seat, but I can see if he’s texting and his facial expression, which is a poker face, of course.

Table is eight handed at first.  Guess one of the waiting list players decided not to hang around. No problem. They never seem to have trouble filling seats in this place. There are six call-ins on the list too. They draw for the button, and I get the big blind.

The guy that sits to my right seems to be the action at the table and a talker. Seems like he’s in almost every hand and always has something to say. He tries to show me his hand when he folds on the turn with a board of AKxx. I ignore his attempt to show me queens. Never mind that he called on the flop after someone donked and another player called before it got to him. Guess he wanted to peel one just in case, or donate, not sure which.

Did I mention that I am the only one with 100 big blinds? Everyone else has $140 or less. It’s an easy table.  The interesting thing is that they’re experienced players, but they’re all bad. They know about straddles, they know when it is their turn, they know the rules about the betting line. Some players can just play poker for a long time and never get better.

Seat one has been getting hit by the deck since we started the table. I over limp with 9-7cc in middle position on the first hand that I play, and seat one makes it $19 from the big blind into 5 limpers. Everyone folds. In the first half hour he gets AJs, AQ, AA twice and KK, and they all win. He stacks the talker to my right twice. Talker rebuys for $80 the first time, and $100 the second time. He will rebuy again later for another $100. It always puzzles me why people bring enough for a full buy-in, but handcuff themselves and play short.

I raise in MP to $10 after one limper with QJo. I get two callers. Flop is a rainbow king high board. Callers check to me, and I bet $20. Everyone folds. I stay even the first hour by making plays like this, betting hands that miss everyone.

The next hand I raise from late position to $10 with 44. This time I get four callers but I am still in position. Flop is J 8 6 rainbow. Everyone checks to me, and this time I check behind. Turn is an ace. Everyone checks to me, and I bet $25. The small blind tanks for 30 seconds, probably has a jack, but there are so many people behind him. He folds, and everyone else mucks. A nice pot, but not a value hand.

Talker sees me raise pre-flop a couple of times and lose a couple of hands.  He suggests, “you should stop raising.” I look puzzled so he explains, “you keep losing the hands you raise. That happens to me.  I just can’t hit anything when I have good starting hands. Eventually it adds up. You should stop raising so much.”

My first value hand I raise to $10 from under the gun with KK.  Talker to my right says, “careful now.” I get three callers including seat one and the talker in seat three. Flop is 7-7-3.  It gets checked to me and I bet $20. Folds around to my right, and Talker calls. Ace on the turn, and I check behind. River is a 2, and now Talker bets $15 into $80. I probably should raise here as this is such a weak bet, but instead I snap call. He says, “two pair!” and shows 23o. I say, “me too,” and flip over my kings. He starts mumbling about being counterfeited, and seat two and I look puzzled. To my delight, Talker gets up to go to the ATM. He buys another $100.

I get another chance to value bet when my red twos run into a Tc 4c 2s flop. I bet and everyone folds. No one has a flush draw? I muck like I had nothing.

Later, I raise to $15 on a straddled pot with QQ. I get seat one and Talker to call. Flop is Q-9-6 rainbow. Talker bets $25 with $65 behind. I think for a second then call. Seat one folds quickly. Before the dealer is done turning a 5, Talker quietly but quickly shoves. I announce call, and the dealer waits for me to push out the chips before dealing a 7 on the river. Really, a 7? I expect to be beat, but flip over my cards quickly so not to slow roll. Talker is disgusted, and he shows QJo and tells the dealer to hold his seat as he storms off towards the men’s room.

Seat two was amused, “I don’t know why he wanted you to stop raising. You just keep showing him the best hand.” I just nod and smile.

P4MS tells me he has a really good table and there’s an open seat, I should move tables. I ask the floor but because of charities selling out he declines to move me. I shrug at P4MS and stay at my table.

Probably one of my last hands, I raise to $10 with 78hh from middle position. I get four callers. Flop is T-5-4 two clubs. I continuation bet $25. Seat 7 calls. He’s been quiet and passive at the table so far. Turn is a 4 of hearts, and I check, fully prepared to fold my gut shot draw. But seat 7 quickly checks behind. Flush draw? Weak ten? Both are in his range. River is the ace of diamonds. What a great bluff card. Unless he has exactly AT. I bet $50.  Seat 7 starts to tank. Now I think he does have a ten, and he’s going to hero call me. But he folds.

I cash out for $385 after a couple of hours since I have to get home, but P4MS first tells me about his great table. Apparently with $500 to start he raises to $10 with 99, one guy that seems to be tilting goes all in for $75. Another player that’s $500 deep calls the $75 after tanking a bit.  Another guy who’s ready to go home ships it for $150.  P4MS take s high variance play and shoves $500 all day.  The last guy tanks for a long time and finally folds (he had tens!)  Board runs out and P4MS’ nines win against QJo and some random hand.  He’s sitting on over $800 when I leave.

Just a reminder, the 8-game will be running again this Saturday at Sunnybrook. I will write a post about that game this weekend too. Come on by if you’re interested in playing or learning the game!

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Frank Panama is the host of the Michigan Poker Monster podcast, a podcast about Michigan poker. He lives in Saint Clair County, Michigan, and loves to play and talk about poker.
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