Late Night Fun

I left a fun mixed home game last night that was breaking up and ended up at a local charity room. They had two cash tables going, both $1/$2 blinds.  I bought into the game for 100 big blinds not sure about how long I wanted to play since I was pretty tired already, and a little hung-over from the party/home game.

I got my second wind started upon looking down at my very first hand: pocket queens.  There was a raise from early position to $13, and there was a lot surprised looks around the table, like what, you can raise?  Imagine the looks I got when I popped it to $30 from the cut-off.  I believe someone even said in disbelief, “Thirty dollars?”  The original raiser thought for a moment and then called.  We were heads up on the flop which comes Kd-5h-4h.  Pretty wet, but my opponent checks as expected.  I’m thinking in my head, is this the way this is going to start? I’m going to spend $70 on a 3-bet and continuation bet only to fold to a jam with KQ or AK?  Still, I know this is a good flop for me even if I had air, so I bet for value $40, and my opponent thinks for a moment and says as he folds, “I think I was behind from the start.” Smaller pocket pair, obviously.

It only got better from there.   I played tight for an orbit, and then raised with KJ, hit a jack high flop and got two streets of value.  I raised with A6hh, got three callers. Someone donks on the flop with a nine high board with two hearts.  I raise in position to get a free card on the river, get called by the bettor, make my flush on the turn and get two more streets of value.

One of the biggest pots I won I had pocket jacks in the big blind.  It got raised from middle position by an older lady who was pretty rocky to $22.  Had to be a big pocket pair.  I decided that I didn’t want to let her shove on me pre-flop so I just called to set mine.  We got one more caller and the flop comes Q-J-4 rainbow.  I check, another player checks and she bets $35 very confidently.  I am pretty sure she’s not folding, so I declare all in. The other player folds and the old lady snap calls with her aces.  I show her the bad news, and I hold as she laments how she always loses with aces.

Another hand I feel kind of bad stacking another lady at the table as she just went to the ATM for less than a full buy-in when we get into this hand.  I raise to $10 with pocket eights from middle position and get called by the young lady and two others in late position. Pot is about $40 and the flop comes K-8-2 two hearts.   I bet $25 and the young lady calls with only $50 behind.  The turn is a 6 of clubs, and I bet another $25.  She calls and the river is another blank. I’m thinking she might have been on a heart draw and will give up on the river, but when I bet $25 again, she makes the crying call and sees the bad news and shows her K-T.

Yet one more hand I make a set of four on an ace high board, get called by what I’m pretty sure is an ace.  The turn is another ace and there’s no need to slow play, I jam and get called by trip aces and win with my fours full of aces.  I run good.

I am pretty happy to move to the main game with my $700 where the bigger stacks are playing.  I grind out another $66 in a game that’s looks to have a lot of gamble (straddles on half the hands, lots of loose calls), but post flop it’s very nitty.  My friends don’t make it to the poker room after all, so I call it a night and book what looks to be a promising start to May after a pretty good April.

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Frank Panama is the host of the Michigan Poker Monster podcast, a podcast about Michigan poker. He lives in Saint Clair County, Michigan, and loves to play and talk about poker.
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