April Has Been Good

I’m sitting on the runway at Chicago O’hare waiting for the gate to clear, so I thought, what better place to start a blog entry?

I have had a recent couple of big upswings in April that brought me back to the black on my winnings for the year, although my hourly rate is atrocious. Bankroll is anemic to say the least, but at least my confidence is high after a winning February, March, and now a big April. Yes, January was that bad.

Even though my last two sessions have been losers, I’ve felt really good about my play.  This weekend I played a private game that was a lot of fun. Play was dealers choice, round by round and mostly PLO8, PLO, PL Stud 8 (yes, pot limit), and PLHE was played. Stakes were small .25/.50, but it wasn’t unusual to have double straddles at the table.

I started the day with $25, playing limit hold’em, Omaha 8, and Stud 8 for a few hours so no one would bust too early. After some terrific food from the host, we switched to pot limit games. At the time my stack had come down from $150 to about $45, and most people were rebuying to 100bb stacks. Win early and lose late is my motto.

I actually built my stack to nearly $200, showing some bluffs early and catching good on some big pots. But then I started playing too loosely and ended up getting stacked when I got my money in with a set and a flush draw against top two pair. My opponent hits the miracle card on the river, and I rebuy for $200.

I get my stack in again in the Holdem round against the same opponent with AcTs, on a Tc6c4s board when the turn is the 4c. It is a great card for my hand and I shove. My opponent is reluctant, but he calls with T8, and of course catches a ten on the river for a chop.

It was just one of those nights where I got my opponents to do as I wished but my hands didn’t hold up when it really counted. Finally, the last hand of the night is announced. I’m down about $40 for the night at this point, so not too bad. I am in the small blind and call the raise from the button (same opponent as the other two hands) with 68cc.  We go to the flop four handed.  I have a little under $200, villain has me covered.  Flop is 5d-7c-9c. I can hardly believe it.  Flopped the nuts with the straight flush re-draw on the last hand of the night.  I check to the raiser.  The button decides to bet the pot: about $32. I have two others to act behind me, and they don’t look interested in the pot. We’re probably going heads up to the turn, so I need to build the pot enough to get the chips in on the turn. I min-raise to $64 hoping to get a call from an over pair.  Everyone folds to the button, who deliberates for all of two seconds before asking me how much I have and pushing all-in.  Snap call, and I see that he actually has a real hand, AKcc. Turn is the 3 of clubs, river is a blank, and I go home broke on the last hand of the night.

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Frank Panama is the host of the Michigan Poker Monster podcast, a podcast about Michigan poker. He lives in Saint Clair County, Michigan, and loves to play and talk about poker.
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