Why there is No Poker Reporting in Michigan

Unlike states like Ohio, where there are few public places to play poker, Michigan has a thriving, exciting poker scene.  There are 37 charity poker rooms in the main metropolitan areas of Detroit, Flint, Lansing and Grand Rapids alone.  Not to mention at least five casinos in the state with poker rooms.  It would seem that there would be enough of a player base to have poker reporting in the state.

But the reality is that just like national poker media, there is a dearth of advertisers that would support the apparatus that would be required to build a poker news reporting channel just for Michigan.  How nice it would be, however, to get tournament results, cash game reports, and poker related news just about Michigan poker.

Part of the challenge for all poker media is that many players don’t want the publicity associated with winning or losing lots of money.  And poker rooms eager to maintain their player base and protect player privacy would probably be hesitant to share tournament results and cash game details. Privacy is an interesting subject when it comes to playing for money.

The breadth of poker venues in Michigan also plays a role in keeping news machines from springing up to cover the game.  The more locations you have to cover, the more work and people need to be involved to write, edit and publish the material.  I short, Michigan poker could be a victim of its own success.

Some might say, meh, who needs to know Michigan poker news.  But that would be like saying, meh, who needs to know national poker news, or sports news, or news about the arts.  It’s not whether we “need” to know it, but whether there is a large enough group of fans that would enjoy having Michigan poker news that advertisers will find it beneficial to spend limited advertising dollars on such a medium.

About Frank Panama

Frank Panama is the host of the Michigan Poker Monster podcast, a podcast about Michigan poker. He lives in Saint Clair County, Michigan, and loves to play and talk about poker.
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